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European Caretech™ develops medical equipment and healthcare technologies,
focusing on the patient, healthcare workers and implementation.

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European Caretech™ develops sustainable medical equipment and healthcare technologies for hospitals and care sector. Technologies that alleviate healthcare workers, so that their tasks can be performed faster and with less physical strain.

We believe this creates more time and value for the patient who needs care and attention.

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PULLY® – better repositioning

Stronger textiles – no shere

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Nursing home, Copenhagen
Healthcare Worker

"It will make working life much easier for us. We will have more time to provide care and many of the residents also find manual repositioning uncomfortable"

Hospital, Regional Zealand
Section Manager

"This is exactly the device we need. We move residents every single day and it's really hard for the staff"

Patient, Central Denmark Region

"I can imagine that the device will make a huge difference to the staff. It's not always that easy to move someone like me"

Hospital, Capital Region
Service Technician

"Installing the device seems like an affordable task. It takes no time and the design seems intuitive"

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