Committed to Designing Repairable Products with Right-to-Repair Focus

European Caretech is a company committed to design and product development with a focus on Right-to-repair. We believe that it is important for our products to be easy to repair, as it saves resources and reduces waste.

Right-to-repair is a movement that urges manufacturers to create products that are easy to repair and provide access to spare parts and repair instructions. This is important because many products today are designed to be discarded when they break, creating a huge amount of waste and harming the environment.

We believe that it is our responsibility as a manufacturer to consider the environment and consumers by making our products easy to repair. Therefore, we have implemented design and product development principles that take into account Right-to-repair.

We ensure that our products are designed to be opened and repaired with standard tools, and we use standard components that can be easily replaced, as much as possible. We also provide access to spare parts and repair instructions, so our products can be repaired if they break.

We are proud of our commitment to the Right-to-repair movement and will continue to work on developing products that are easy to repair and respectful of the environment and consumers.