Welfare Council’s recommendation: Increase Implementation of Welfare Technologies

European Caretech is a supplier of innovative welfare technology and we strongly supports the Welfare Council’s recommendation to strengthen the spread of welfare technology in Denmark. We believe, in line with the Welfare Council, that it is important for especially public actors to be more dedicated to identifying and removing barriers to the implementation of welfare technology, including budgetary, administrative, and organizational hindrances.

As a supplier of welfare technology, we see the potential to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare and welfare services, and that technology will be a solution to the massive labor shortage in the sector.

We hope the council’s recommendations to municipalities, regions, and the state can lead to greater recognition of the need to spread best practices and scale successful projects across municipalities and hospitals in Denmark to ensure a broader dissemination of innovative solutions such as the repositioning system, Pully. As a supplier of welfare technology, we will continue to work closely with public and private actors to realize this goal and support the positive development of the welfare sector in Denmark and global.

Read on (in danish): Anbefaling #11: Styrke udbredelsen af velfærdsteknologi